AI-powered applications that propel businesses

We specialize in developing unique data strategies for utilizing AI in application development, building real business solutions to do the heavy lifting to improve the intelligence of your platform.
We deliver efficient solutions by creating a data strategy, providing new insights, automating tedious efforts, or predicting future outcomes. We bring our expertise in AI powered applications, freeing you to excel at your strengths.

Bringing our methodical approach to AI powered application development

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing or NLP is how computers can be used to understand words. We can help analyze, classify and respond to your dynamic content giving you the ability to fully understand your customers’ sentiment on social media, categorize customer support requests or transact with customers via chatbots.
    • Cleaning and labeling data
    • AWS Comprehend, IBM Watson, SpaCy, NLTK
    • Siri, Alexa, Google, Facebook voice and chat bots
  • Computer Vision

    Computer vision is the ability for a computer to understand the contents of images and videos. We have experience with various vision tasks from performing analysis on static images to real time video streaming applications.
    • Processing and training
    • Object, Face, Anomaly detection
    • AWS Sagemaker, Pytorch, Keras on Tensorflow
  • Generative AI & LLM

    Leverage state of the art generative models to create text or visual content, allowing dynamic interaction with your customers, quick and easy summarization of internal knowledge bases or other applications.
    • Onboarding and collaboration
    • Creation of generative pipeline
    • Testing and integration

A selection of our AI powered application work

  • Think! X

    Think! X

    Machine Learning
    Working with Think! X, we empowered destination marketers to make informed, strategic decisions by automating their data analysis and providing an easily accessible dashboard of insights powered by machine learning.
  • David Suzuki Foundation

    David Suzuki Foundation

    Working with The David Suzuki Foundation, we utilized new technologies and channels to impact how people manage conversations about climate change.

We’re ready to make a plan that works for your organization.

Every business is different and every AI powered project will have its own considerations. Let’s start a conversation to determine the requirements and timelines that will make your project a success.