Taking digital product ideas from a glimmer to a spotlight

Uncovering ideas and validating them in the market to accelerate the path from concept to successful digital product.
New products and new businesses face risks around every corner. Our process reduces those risks through low-cost validation activities at every stage —ensuring your product concept is properly articulated and is moving in the right direction with every step.

Go further with our idea acceleration process

  • Problem Statements + Market Discovery

    Our first step is taking your idea and working with you to transform it into a problem statement that defines what your product will do. With that foundation, we immerse ourselves in your industry and what you know, as well as applying our experience and knowledge of what makes digital products succeed across the market. This helps us identify opportunities and white space.
    • Problem Statement Definition
    • Market Analysis
    • Competitive Audits
  • Idea Validation

    We work with you to test and validate various ideas and options for what your product can be. Between challenging existing assumptions and testing new ideas, our surveys and validation activities help us build confidence and pivot when necessary to a solution that your market is excited about.
    • Validation Sessions
    • Value Proposition Testing
    • User Interviews
  • Concept Refinement and Roadmapping

    With real input from users on our concepts, we make refinements as we move into the UX and UI design of the core aspects of the product. This also involves the prioritization of features as we lay out a potential roadmap that will continue to evolve based on user feedback.
    • Flow Mapping
    • UX Design
    • UI Design
    • Feature Planning + Prioritization
  • MVP Build and Launch

    At this point, we are ready to launch V1 of your digital product with our development team or alongside yours. We can also set up future work — whether that work means handover sessions working with your internal teams or planning out subsequent engagements with our team at Invoke. The Invoke team can also assist with any intervening steps, which may include fund raising or further proof of concept work.
    • Full-Stack Development
    • User Acceptance Testing + Quality Assurance
    • Product Handover

A selection of products we’ve helped get off the ground

  • Incrowd (5X Fest)

    Incrowd (5X Fest)

    Mobile-powered live event streaming that extends and builds resiliency for music festivals in a remote, digital environment.
  • Proxima (LNG Studios)

    Proxima (LNG Studios)

    A digital end-to-end presentation centre and pre-sales platform that modernizes the real estate experience.
  • Vindaq


    Validating, designing, and building a global wine marketplace for private collectors and wineries.

We’re ready to make a plan that works for your organization.

Every organization and every industry requires different considerations as we work to accelerate your idea. Let’s start a conversation to determine the requirements and timelines that will make working together on your new product a success.