Here at Invoke, it was another great year full of fun times, incredible people, and exciting work. We’ve been snapping photos the entire time to help us remember.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review001

Spicing up a First Friday celebration with an exploration of the virtual space.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review002

An all-star team of Invokers – Jordan, Sam, Dom, and Jess – blowing marketers away by leading a user testing workshop at BCAMA VISION 2016.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review003

Our developers are like a family. They spend a lot of time together, get along swimmingly, and look like they are definitely related.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review004

Rock climbing on some fake rocks on one of many after-work excursions to The Hive.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review005

Taking the field at EA for the motionball Marathon of Sport, a day of sports dedicated to raising money for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Between us and the other 21 teams there, $82,000 was raised!

Invoke 2016 Year in Review006

Jordan and Wes have an NYC subway train to themselves during SoDA Academy 2016, another chance to chop it up with elite digital companies from around the world.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review007

Our work with Finning CAT has taken us near and far this year to conduct in-depth user testing and research. Dom and Jess bounced across the prairies, into the Midwestern United States, and – as pictured here – made a stop in the UK.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review008

The year of Adidas Stan Smith’s at Invoke, Jordan emerges from chatting connected cars on-air at Roundhouse Radio, while John and Olivia set-up a sneaker twin photoshoot.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review009

When we were preparing to move to the new office, our office manager Amanda had a lot to do. Signs had to be made. Policies had to be followed.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review010

Colin spends another normal day being a businessman doing business things.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review011

Amanda and Dom show off a tasty creation they’ve whipped up for one of our weekly Friday breakfasts. Tasty enough to catch the attention of Sam the Human and Dash the Dog.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review012

Decked out in our finest threads. Had to make sure we looked our best for meetings with the stylish crew at The Vancouver Club.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review013

Amanda has a way of making everyone around her smile.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review014

Steve’s approach to hanging out with the office dogs is decidedly more intense.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review015

A highly productive couch meeting.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review016

Nick whiteboards some user flows and Steve mocks up Nick’s face.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review017

That afternoon winter light hits our new communal table in just the right way.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review018

Sometimes you just need to celebrate.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review019

And we know a lot of different ways to celebrate.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review020

If you haven’t experienced a White Elephant (aka Yankee Swap) gift exchange then you are missing out on laughs like this.

Invoke 2016 Year in Review021

What a team, what a year, and what a holiday party to wrap it up. Cheers to everyone at Invoke, to everyone we work with, and to an even better 2017.