It’s that time of year again — Sept Fuck-tember. Our dear friends at Fuck Cancer have proclaimed September the month of early cancer detection, and to help you spread that message virally, we built a app.

The application can be found on the Fuck Cancer Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and read some of the inspiring wall posts. Then visit the F-Tember tab to get started.


We designed and built an interactive Facebook application which allows users to donate a Facebook post (or status message) and tweets. Hoping to spread the message fast and far, Fuck Cancer used clever copy and an interactive calendar that allows users to select which dates they’d like to donate their status. There is also a post to Twitter option.


The messages are extremely awesome. From “Eat your Fucking broccoli. #FuckCancer” to “Your penis should grow; your balls shouldn’t #FuckCancer”. Select one, or select one everyday but most importantly, tell the ones you love to get checked and be aware of cancer risk factors and symptoms.

From the site:
Fuck Cancer is a movement that activates Generation Y to engage with their parents about early detection of cancer. Over 90% of cancers of curable if caught in stage one- why the Fuck don’t more people know this? We’re creating a generation of early detection ambassadors who, by learning about what to do to stay healthy, what to watch out for, and what questions to ask, are taking control of their own health and the health of their parents.