Meet an Invoker: Dominic Wong

I’m Dominic. At Invoke, I’m an Interactive Designer who’s often working on user flows, wireframes, layouts, and Eat St. I love storytelling, open public spaces, and you’ll probably encounter some awkward moments with me. I believe any type of design should be purposeful, intuitive, and people-centered because the essence of design is emotionally connected to the quality of life.

What brought you into design?

Before Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, there were smaller/local online communities, like AsianAvenue, Xkube, Xanga, and Apartment107, which gave users an open palette to design and create html page layouts (to rant about adolescent nonsense). Having done a lot of painting and photography in the past helped with compositional techniques too.

Why is good UI/UX so important?

UX is important because it deals with the core issues of users’ needs, taking into account behaviours, nuances, accessibility, and other usability aspects that contribute to an overall satisfying user experience with the product/service. UX is actually the key to a lot of the work we do — in a way, it uniformly connects different parties to be on the same page (on functional matters). UI is the “form after function” that’s meant to use visual cues and design affordances to inform and guide an end-user’s experience with the product. Essentially, the two have to iteratively work together — though sometimes I’m convinced that function dictates form.

What are some favourite design sites you check out?

What is your favourite part of the design process?

Concept brainstorming and design direction. I’m big on ideas, so before anything’s started, it’s got to be a great idea, whether experimental or innovative in nature. Both also require creative breathing room, but also consideration of functional/technical requirements. It’s also vital in getting design buy-in from stakeholders through vision casting. Second favourite part of the process: design assessment/auditing — to feed my nit-pickiness.

What do you think is the next latest trend in mobile app design?

Context aware services that can (hopefully) improve user experience by using information about a person’s interests, history, surroundings, priorities, preferences, social connections, to assist/anticipate their needs and effectively provide relevant services or information.

What advice would you give to web/app designers that are just starting out?

Always be inspired.

Never stop asking “Why?”

Learn from your mistakes.

Consider every possible scenario.

Don’t give up so easily, there are always other options.

Test. Test. Test. Test. Test.