tagga Launches Public Beta Today

Posted by Jenn Lowther

tagga is a mobile bookmarking platform that lets anyone tag real world items and web snippets to their mobile phone. tagga is located in the office next to ours and I’ve been watching them steadily working away on the platform in stealth mode for the past 6 months. It’s been really hard keeping what they’ve been working on quiet over this time as it’s a really cool product that they’ve come out with. Check out the coverage that they got at TechCrunch and Mashable.

There are a ton of cool features that they’ve integrated into the site, my favorite is the tagglet tool – highlight anything on a webpage and hit the tool, and it will automatically create a tagg for you and either email or text the info to you. You also need to check out the claymation video they had made, very cool.

I’ve created a personal tagg for myself over at tagga, text Jenn to 82442. By doing this, you’ll get all my contact info sent directly to your cell phone. I no longer need to worry when I run out of business cards at events, people can get them sent directly to their phones.

With Tagga, you can

  • Create a text message campaign to tagg your favorite restaurant; sell your car; update people of your next music gig or your sports tournament
  • Surf the web, find some content you want to take with you, and then click to send to phone. It’s a “Look Ma! No penâ€? tool
  • Subscribe to news feeds that you like and get the data on your mobile
  • Advertise
  • Make money by publishing with tagga tools on your website
  • Follow other taggers

Make sure you go over and check tagga out. They are currently soliciting feedback and comments, so take a look around and let them know what you think.