Ocean Conservancy’s annual International Coastal Cleanup event, now in its 27th year, is just around the corner and we’re wondering: Will you do your part to take on the trash?

The Cleanup has become the world’s largest volunteer effort for ocean health, gathering more than 9 million volunteers from 152 countries and locations over more than a quarter of a century. Collectively, this group of dedicated activists has cleaned more than 150 million pounds of trash from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers and the ocean on just one day each year. We think you’ll agree that’s pretty darned impressive—but can you imagine how much of an impact we could make if we took on trash every single day of the year?

The thought of it may seem daunting, but thanks to Ocean Conservancy’s new Rippl Mobile App for iPhone, designed and developed by Invoke, you can slowly but surely spark a ripple effect that will help keep the trash out of our ocean all year long.

What is Rippl?

Rippl is a free iPhone application that helps you make sustainable lifestyle choices by delivering weekly green living tips. Each tip is customizable and designed to conveniently help transform your habits, save you money and decrease your trash impact all at the same time.

Always forgetting your reusable bags? Rippl will remind you to grab them before you leave the house. Spend too much on coffee at the local coffee shop? Rippl lets you know when bringing your own mug can get you a discount. These are your first steps in forming habits that will save you money, keep trash out of our landfills and help the environment.

Why should you download Rippl?

 After 12 months of intensive group testing with volunteers, coordinators, ocean enthusiasts, families and young professionals, the folks at Ocean Conservancy gleaned that, while many people often know what they can do to help the environment and our ocean, they either plum forget or just find it too inconvenient.

The Rippl app comes to the rescue, helping everyday people like us, those of us who perhaps may not be regular eco-volunteers or green living activists, to make small, consistent and significant changes every day. These behaviours build on each other over time, gradually creating a daily set of habits that allow users to live simpler, more fulfilled lives all while growing a healthy ocean and a healthy, happy planet.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Ready to start your own Rippl effect? Download the app today, invite your friends and family to join you and raise a (reusable) glass to your new found healthy habits.